Saturday, June 30, 2007

Seven more sleeps...

My travelling companion and I spent almost two hours on the phone today. It's amazing the details that come up. We're realizing there's a fine line between wanting to take it all in... and being too ambitious. Between planning... and over-planning.

We've decided to buy ourselves a bit of piece of mind and arrange for a hotel shuttle at our first stay in Pisa. Given that we will be dealing with some serious time zone differences, at least we won't need to worry about that little detail. I've been told that, no matter how tired I feel, I am NOT to take a nap our first afternoon in Italy. I need to step right into Italy time. When we land in Rome on July 8th, my eyes will see 7:30am on my watch, but my body will be saying "Hey, isn't it only 1:30am?!!" Hopefully, my homeopath's suggestion will help...

I've started gathering my stuff in the guest room and will need to see if it all fits in the back-pack I'll be using. My usual method is to pack on the night before I leave, but I won't risk it this time. I'm also getting up to speed on the in-flight carry-on restrictions. Little bottles of liquid in a single little ziploc bag. Shouldn't be a problem, since my goal on this trip is to KEEP IT SIMPLE in all things, including carry-on.

Vivere in pace,

Friday, June 29, 2007

Eight more sleeps...

Contrary to what I posted here, I have decided to create this blog specifically for my trip to Italy. I like the idea of having this archived as a reminder of the experience. Stay tuned as I share more in this final week of preparations.

Vivere in pace,